Meghan don't want her child with Prince Harry in this position

Prince harry and Meghan's Controversy spread by media
Prince Harry image amid the Controversy

After a big survey of People still believe that prince Harry and Meghan's love story is very romantic and beautiful as the colourful gardens of flowers.

But when the couple lost its first child it made the misconception in peoples with the relationship of Prince Harry and Meghan.

According to article published in ABC News, A moment when Prince Harry scolded to Meghan then Meghan simply walked away from the room and disappeared for 15 minutes.

When Harry realised his mistake and went to Meghan then Meghan angrily said it's not a way to speak to a woman.

Will Harry and Meghan take divorce after this?

Well, No! Prince Harry and Meghan both are very mature and intelligent couple media and people always takes successful peoples on their troll. This is a misconception made by peoples and media that both they will take divorce. 

Harry is also frustrated with media and papers. 

Meghan don't want her child to grow in a atmosphere where there is no trust and anger.

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