Matthias Ginter v/s Christian Gunter - Comparision Between Career Stats and Achievements

Matthias Ginter v/s Christian Gunter - Who is better in Career, Stats and more?

Matthias Ginter v/s Christian Gunter
Matthias Ginter v/s Christian Gunter 

In a survey, it was found that about 30% Germans are addicted to Football Competitions and why not because German National Football Team is highly skilled and trained but still there are some players who needs attention. 

Matthias Ginter and Christian Gunter come in the list, no doubt both players are well and got a excellent to good Ranking in their Career stats. But it will completely clear when we compare both of these superstar's career stats and achievements.

Matthias Ginter Career Stats and Achievements

Matthias Ginter is a German professional football player who made several achievements in his entire life and now plays for his national team German National Football Team. If you look at the career stats of Ginter then you will find that, Ginter played total 48 matches in World Cup in which he only made 2 goals.

Where in Season Clubs like SC Freiburg, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Monchengladbach he made total 306 appearance and total 18 goals.

Christian Gunter Career Stats and Achievements

Christian is the most overrated player in Germany his performance in World cups is quite boring because he appeared 7 times in World cups and scored 0 goals.
Gunter performed well in season leagues but not more than Ginter because Gunter appeared total 369 times and scored only 9 goals.

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