Liverpool vs Chelsea match : More than 53.65% wants Liverpool and 22.35% wants Chelsea

Liverpool and Chelsea

Liverpool and Chelsea are the most loved teams in the world, and both will compete on 21st January. Fans across the world are looking forward to the match winnings. In a survey for the winner in the match between Liverpool and Chelsea it was found that more than 53% among 100000 fans wants Liverpool to win the match where more than 22% wants Chelsea to win the match.

Match will be played in Liverpool England which will be the plus point for Liverpool team to win the match in their home ground.

Joe Gomez and Thiago Silva from Liverpool and Chelsea respectively will be in limelight because of their past performances.

Lineup's and Average Age of Liverpool

First 11 players average age is 27.1 and have lineup of 4-3-3.

Lineup's and Average Age of Chelsea

First 11 players average age is 26.1 and have lineup of 4-2-3-1.

Players are suspended from Liverpool and Chelsea


  1. R. Firmino
  2. L. Diaz
  3. Arthur
  4. D. Jota
  5. V. van Dijk

  1. A. Broja
  2. B. Chilwell
  3. W. Fofana
  4. R. James
  5. N. Kante
  6. C. Pulisic
  7. R. Sterling
  8. D. Zakaria
  9. J. Felix

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