Arsenal transfer Updates: Leandro Trossed joined for 21 million Euros

Good news for Arsenal fans! Leandro Trossed joined Arsenal for 21 million. 

Leandro with new Arsenal Jersey
Leandro with new Arsenal Jersey

Leandro is from Belgium and 28 years old and he will play for Arsenal till 2027 and this contract can be extended by one year in future.

According to the Senior Manager of Arsenal Mr. Mikel Arteta, "Leandro is one of the most intelligent players in the world and we're very happy to have him". Mikel Arteta also confirmed that Trossed was trained with his squad on Friday.

Mikel also said that " Arsenal can do better because as a manager we needed a player who can adopt new skills and strategies and Lean can perform these tasks very efficiently.

Leandro also claimed that he is very excited to join Arsenal because it will help to learn more about players mindsets.

An interview published in with Leandro it can easily noticed that Arsenal is more excited than Trossed for joining Arsenal's team.

Leandro said in his interview that, "This is a big club and I’m ready to show the fans what I can do. Everyone has seen how well we’re doing already and I’m here to help achieve their dreams - including myself.

“I’m going to take it day by day, work hard and try to help the team to achieve their goals. [I want to] get better as well. I know the manager is a great coach and I hope to be involved in doing great things and getting better as a player in every aspect.

“I’m really excited to see the fans in the stadium. I hope I can give you my all. I want to try and create as many magic moments as possible, and hopefully we can celebrate together.”

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