Goncalo Ramos v/s Cristiano Ronaldo - A Hit to CR's Legacy in FIFA World Cup 2022 by Portugal

Goncalo Ramos vs Cristiano Ronaldo : CR is no more needed by Portugal, Ronaldo was replaced by Ramos and he proved football universe that we don't need Ronaldo. 

Football is the most renowned sport around the world and amazingly the most loved team is Portugal and the most loved player is also from Portugal .We are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo ,Cristiano is the second name after football he is from Portugal. Cristiano known for his freestyle football playing and his career goals are amazingly high other than any player. 

But surprisingly the match of Portugal vs Switzerland where legendary footballer Cristiano is replaced by a young 21 year old Goncalo Ramos.Ramos made his Hat-Rik against Switzerland and finished the match with 6-1 points.Fans from Portugal really amazed with this 21 year old young boy and exited to see Ramos in upcoming matches. 

Ramos replied after match "Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I would start a knockout match in the World Cup and score a hat trick.”

According to "The Wall Street Journal" he his Ronaldo's generation

The famous publishing "The Wall Street Journal" posted about Goncalo Ramos on its official Twitter account, "Gonçalo Ramos grew up in the Cristiano generation. When he was handed his spot in the lineup at the World Cup, he stole the show with a hat trick."

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