Shane Warne's Biggest Mistake as an Australian That Forced Him To do Wrong?

"Shane Warne" committed the biggest mistake of his life that could be the end of his whole cricket career .He was forced to take supplement to improve his performance. 

Legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne died on 4th March 2022 at the age of 52 in Thailand . The reason of his death was a sudden heart attack. But, in his whole 52 years of life journey Shane made his life as special as no one made that. Shane Warne enjoyed his life at a different level. 

He made every second of his life so memorable that most of his fans knows about it. 

Shane's most hateful part of life :-

Everyone knows Shane Warne was an successful cricketer, who played for Australia and made whole Australia to feel proud on him. Every cricketer in Australian team at present very sad due to his sudden death. Shane was an inspiration for them. 

But many moments came in his life that made his life so struggled.A moment that broke him completely

According to Wikipedia, In early February 2003 , day before the start of World Cup of 2003 . Shane Warne was send to perform a medical test. In which he was found as positive. For this he was banned for the World Cup of 2003 . 

Australian Cricket Board found him as a breacher of board's code and Shane was banned from cricket for one year. That moment gave him a shock that he is not able to forget that. 

Shane replied for that incident in front of peoples:-

Warne replied that this supplement was given by his mother to order to improve his physical performance by saying as an "fluid tablet" and he didn't understand that at that time. 
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