Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) vs The Rock | Comparision of wealth and Social Media Followers

The Rock and Cristiano Ronaldo both players are on the top of World's highest paid celebrities for charging per post on Instagram. The Rock charges about $2.1 Million where Ronaldo at first position with $2.4 Million. 

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Do you think so, that is it so difficult to answer? But ,when we compare both of these superstars we will find out that both have a tremendous popularity all over the globe and a massive amount of net worth they hold. Both of these superstars are from a very powerful background. Starting with The Rock
The Rock is a Hollywood superstar and also a WWE superstar and also a powerful wrestler, who defeated several powerful superstars in WWE . Like :-  "Brock Lesnar" , "The Undertaker", "Triple H" , "John Cena" and many more.  

On other hand , Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular Football player in the world their popularity in the world at this level that if a small country makes their population comes together then the number of people cannot be defeated by the fame of Cristiano Ronaldo .So ,how will you judge that who is more powerful ? so for this , we came across a comparison between these two superstars let's find out . 

Who is The Rock ? Some Special points about him in 2022

The Rock

Well , there is no introduction needed for The Rock the real name of Rock is Dwayne Johnson he is a  Hollywood as well as a renowned WWE wrestler . Currently he lives in America . 

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo ? Some Special points about him in 2022 ! 

Also there is no introduction is needed for Cristiano Ronaldo .Because he is a renowned Football superstars,who did the maximum goals in Football and he is very famous among youngsters. 

Cristiano Ronaldo vs The Rock! Who has more followers on Social Media? 

  • If we talk about Dwayne Johnson then doing Johnson has a tremendous number of fan following on different Social Media sites follow. Which are as follows :-
  1. Followers of The Rock on Instagram :- About 283 million . 
  2. Followers of The Rock on Facebook :- About 60 million . 
  3. Followers of The Rock on Twitter :- About 16 million . 
  • If we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo ,then he also came with a very tremendous popularity over the globe here are some information on different Social Media sites .Which gives us a figure :-
  1. Followers of Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram :- About 448 million . 
  2. Followers of Cristiano Ronaldo on Facebook :- About 150 million . 
  3. Followers of Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter :- About 96 million . 

Both of these superstars (the rock and ronaldo) have a large quantity of fan following which means they are really popular all over the world. But can you think, what is the net worth of these both superstars. So take a look on the net worth of these superstars. 

Net worth of The Rock,  many Social Media and News reports claim that the net worth of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in 2022 is about 160 million dollars which is a huge amount. 

Where is net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo , According to the Forbes the total net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo CR7  in 2022 is about 600+ million dollars. 

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes first player in history to reach 800 career goals. 

So, I think now you can judge who is more popular and more powerful.


Sr.No. Name of Celebrity Total Followers Charge Per Post
1. Cristiano Ronaldo 572M + $3M
2. Dwayen Jhonson "The Rock" 360M + $2.67M
3. Ariana Grande 357M+ $2.49M
4. Kylie Jenner 270M+ $2.48M
5. Selena Gomez 280M + $2.36M
6. Kim Kardashian 272 M+ $2.22 M
7. Lionel Messi 224M+ $2.1M
8. Beyonce Knowles 189M+ $2 M
9. Justin Bieber 180M+ $1.99M
10. Kendall Jenner 172M+ $1.91M

Faq can have in your mind:-

Question: Who is more powerful The Rock or Cristiano Ronaldo? 

Answer: Well, both of these superstars have immense popularity in the world. But if, you want to choose one than ,Cristiano Ronaldo is more powerful than the "The Rock" because CR7 has total net worth of $660 million dollar. Whereas "Dwayne Johnson" has about $165 million dollar. 
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